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BrightFarms Hydroponic Greenhouse Farm in Yardley, PA | LMT | CEA | Grown Indoors
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Fun Fact

We collect rainwater & snow melt from our greenhouse roof, which we use to grow our plants!

Meet your BrightFarmers

Dominick Mack Stroke Graphic
Dominick Mack General Manager BrightFarms LMT Greenhouse

Dominick Mack

General Manager

Does not have a green thumb. Makes up for it in his vast array of impersonations.

Denise DeRue Stroke Graphic
Denise DeRue Head Grower BrightFarms LMT Greenhouse

Denise DeRue

Head Grower

Plant doctor, tree climbing enthusiast, and resident bug nerd.

John Ballard Stroke Graphic
John Ballard Production Manager BrightFarms LMT Greenhouse

John Ballard

Production Manager

Can grow a meeeean beard.

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“You guys rock! Love your products and I am definitely letting my store’s corporate know. Already signed up for your newsletter.”

- Susan, Customer