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Come GROW with us! New greenhouses opening in Illinois, Texas and Georgia SOON!
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BrightFarms Salad in Bowl | No Need to Wash

No Pesticides. Ever.

BrightFarms ensures there are no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides used on our greens.

Did you know that Organic does not equal pesticide-free? Organic greens can (and do!) use pesticides. Sometimes they are natural, sometimes they are not. At BrightFarms, we use no pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides in our greenhouses. Growing, harvesting, and packing indoors allows for the highest level of control over pests and disease.

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No Rinsing Required.

Our process is simple. We start with non-GMO seeds, add water, nutrients, and the power of sunshine – and voila! Perfect produce. Growing in a greenhouse allows for control over everything in and around the greens, so you can trust your salad is ready to eat, right out of the box.

While field-grown greens might say ‘triple-washed’ – BrightFarms greens are clean from farm to table. No rinsing required. BrightFarms grows indoors with only seeds and water: no soil, dirt, or field to wash off. The process is so short, simple, and squeaky clean; no chemicals or flushes are needed to treat the greens before they are packaged.

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Denise DeRue | Head Grower | Farmer Working Checking Crops and Roots in Hydroponic Greenhouse | Lettuce | CEA | Grown Indoors

Clean & Green

BrightFarms greenhouses are hydroponic. This means our crops are grown in water instead of soil. Our method allows us to use 80% less water, 90% less land, and 95% less shipping fuel than long-distance field grown produce. On top of being more sustainable, the greenhouse gives the plants a happy, sunny, 72 degree home, year-round, anywhere in the US, even in the winter. So local is always available.

Less Water: Our hydroponic system allows for water recirculation and no agricultural runoff – and uses 7x less water than conventional agriculture. This means that any water not taken up by the plants is recaptured and used over and over again.

Less Land: In the water, we use a mineral-based, nutrient-rich solution to nourish our plants in this soilless environment. Giving the plants the perfect conditions in which they need to grow results in higher yields compared to conventional agriculture, so we use up to 10x less land than field growers.

Less Fuel: Our greenhouses are located close to the communities they feed – so our supply chain is short and sweet. We use 95% less shipping fuel than conventional agriculture which is trucked from southern California across the US.

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