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Come GROW with us! New greenhouses opening in Illinois, Texas and Georgia SOON!

At BrightFarms we keep things simple. We believe that local sun-grown greens are the way that nature intended it. We know that happy farmers grow the tastiest salads.

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We’ve learned that hard work, honesty and doing what’s right will always be rewarded. We value each and every employee and paying people fairly for a day’s work. We understand that we have a serious job, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously, because laughter is still the best medicine, after all.

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Yes, we grow salads. But we grow a lot of other things too. Like, big ideas and positive attitudes, jobs in communities across the country, sunny greenhouses, and accessibility to fresh, delicious produce. But most of all, we grow trust – your trust – by delivering clean, fresh, safe, and delicious greens.

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