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BrightFarms Baby Spinach | Local Baby Greens

Baby Spinach

Our Baby Spinach is so uniquely tender, you can taste the difference! It is as versatile as it is delicious. Try it in salads or as an ingredient in your favorite smoothie.

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BrightFarms Spring Mix | Local Baby Greens

Spring Mix

This combination of soft baby greens and sweet tender lettuces creates a delightful mix of variety and textures.

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BrightFarms Sunny Crunch | Local Baby Greens | Crispy Crunchy Green Leaf | A Better Iceberg

Sunny Crunch

It looks like a leafy green, but eats like iceberg. It’s light, crispy, crunchy, and perfect for kids!

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BrightFarms Baby Arugula | Local Baby Greens

Baby Arugula

Peppery, subtly spicy, and a tasty addition to almost any dish. Our arugula has a rounded leaf shape and is less bitter than other varieties. Try it in green salads, on your favorite sandwich, or as a topping for pizza!

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BrightFarms Baby Kale | Local Baby Greens

Baby Kale

Our small and mighty Baby Kale has a light and refreshing flavor. Softer and more tender than the big guys. Raw or sautéed, our Baby Kale pairs well with lemon juice and olive oil.

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BrightFarms Baby Romaine | Local Baby Greens

Baby Romaine

The crisp texture and delicate flavor of Baby Romaine goes great in your favorite sandwich or as a key ingredient in a Caesar salad.

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BrightFarms Fresh Kick | Local Baby Greens | Mustard Greens | Spicy

Fresh Kick®

If you like a little flavor adventure, give Fresh Kick® a try! It’s a mix of peppery, spicy & zesty greens, including Mustard Greens, which have a horseradish or almost wasabi-like flavor.

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BrightFarms Happy Beet | Local Baby Greens | Beet Greens

Happy Beet®

Did you know that the greens that grow on top of beets are edible? They’re called Beet Greens! We harvest ours at baby leaf size, and they are delightfully sweet and juicy. Even non-beet likers like Happy Beet®.

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BrightFarms 50 / 50 | Local Baby Greens

50/50 Spring and Spinach

This sweet and savory blend combines our Baby Spinach with a tasty selection of our unmistakably fresh, tender greens and lettuces.

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BrightFarms Mixed Greens | Local Baby Greens

Mixed Greens

This mix of bold flavors, textures and colors is a combination of our favorite greens, both mild and spicy.

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BrightFarms Arugula Lovers | Local Baby Greens

Arugula Lovers®

Like a meat lovers pizza for arugula! Arugula Lovers® has multiple varieties of arugula in it – both traditional and wild arugula – ranging from more mild to more peppery and spicy.

BrightFarms Basil | Local Herbs


Fragrant and flavorful, our tender Basil just may be the best you’ve ever tried. It makes amazing pesto, adds lush flavor to a stir fry, and goes perfectly with fresh mozzarella, a drizzle of olive oil, and sliced tomatoes.