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Come GROW with us! New greenhouses opening in Illinois, Texas and Georgia SOON! Join our team - learn more!
BrightFarms New Greenhouse in Selinsgrove PA | PEN Greenhouse | Under Construction

Fun Fact

This new greenhouse produces more than two
million pounds of leafy salad greens per year!

Meet your BrightFarmers

Chris Hennessy

General Manager

Enjoys photosynthesis, transpiration and long walks on the beach.

Ignacio Figueroa

Head Grower

Seeded from Chile and harvesting knowledge day by day!

Mario Barragan

Apprentice Grower

Problems are opportunities to learn and improve.

Virtual Tour of BrightFarms Facility | 360 Tour | VR | Virtual Reality

“You guys rock! Love your products and I am definitely letting my store’s corporate know. Already signed up for your newsletter.”

- Susan, Customer

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