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Fun Fact

This new greenhouse will produce more than two
million pounds of leafy salad greens per year!

Meet your BrightFarmers

Marta Ramirez Stroke Graphic

Marta Ramirez

General Manager

Here to never forget the P in pneumonia and to remind folks that Colombia (as in my country) is spelled with two Os, no need for the U.

Charles Gagne Stroke Graphic

Charles Gagne

Startup Supervisor

Our biggest salad consumer - vegan for 9 years and eats a LOT of greens!

John O’Neal Stroke Graphic
John O'Neal Apprentice Grower BrightFarms OHI Greenhouse

John O’Neal

Head Grower

“If I can't scuba, then what's all this been about?”

Mark Spicer Stroke Graphic

Mark Spicer

Apprentice Grower

Spends most of his day converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.