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Come GROW with us! New greenhouses opening in Illinois, Texas and Georgia SOON! Join our team - learn more!
BrightFarms Hydroponic Farm in Wilmington Ohio | Greenhouse | Grow Lights | Baby Greens | CEA | Grown Indoors

Fun Fact

We purchase 100% renewable wind power to operate this greenhouse!

Meet your BrightFarmers

Gio Papio

Head Grower

Sunny disposition. Grown in Ohio.

Robert Muniz

Apprentice Grower

Planting seeds today for a brighter future tomorrow.

Virtual Tour of BrightFarms Facility | 360 Tour | VR | Virtual Reality

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I am HOOKED on your baby arugula, Baby spinach, Spring Mix, Sunny Crunch, etc. etc. etc. Thank you for making my salads WONDERFUL. I even made my husband a salad lover. Keep the great stuff coming and thank you.

- Fran, Customer

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